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    Upboost empowers you, your business and your community to achieve purposeful competitive differentiation. We provide practical education, training and consulting services to help individuals, groups, organizations, and communities get the best from themselves and others.

    • We help solo, micro and small business owners boost their business performance and market potential, by improving their business development and leadership skills.
    • We help aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to build their business successfully, by providing them with the personal and business development tools they need to position themselves on the market.
    • We help small rural and disadvantaged communities boost their economies and achieve transformational growth, by using entrepreneurship development as a tool for identifying and realizing untapped potential for growth.

    We believe human potential is limitless. But success happens not by chance. It is a result of the choices you make.


    Education & Training

    Small Town & Economic Development

    Rural Development in Africa

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