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    UpBoost helps individuals and organizations realize profitable solutions in West Africa that have a positive impact on socio-economic development.


    UpBoost is a private, for-profit, non-partisan, non-denominational enterprise for public gain. We are headquartered in the Washington D.C. area.

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    "It has been refreshing to interact and work with Astrid on various projects in Nigeria over the years. She is human centric to the core and has an amazing set of values and principles. Her capacity as a developmental guru is very deep and she has an excellent work ethic. She is an ‘Africa expert’ with extensive experience in both anglophone and francophone West Africa and is passionate about ‘real’ reform and sustainable development. Astrid has a natural flair and is totally at ease interacting with everyone regardless of whether it is the rural people in the village, professional colleagues, top government functionaries or corporate executive members." –Ladan Jibrilu, CEO, Prime Soil, Abuja, Nigeria

    "I have known Astrid for over 15 years, during which we have partnered in several women-related projects in Africa. It all started when I was the Chief of the Office for Africa at the International Trade Centre (WTO/UNCTAD) in Geneva, and we have gone on to work together and investing our private funds in Africa-centric initiatives. Her commitment to the small and micro African businesswoman goes back more than a couple of decades, during which she has championed their cause in bilateral and multilateral fora; from the UN to the level of the village. She has conceived and managed a host of different NGO projects in West Africa, in countries as diverse as Nigeria and Senegal. I strongly support her in her quest and wish her all possible success." –Magdi Farahat, Senior Consultant in International Trade and Investment, Geneva, Switzerland

    "Working with Astrid gave us a complete and current understanding of the dynamics existing between the American administration and West/Central African governments. Her deep analysis of political and socio-economic challenges helped us grasp a more refined version of the reality. The fact that she was able to share her insights both in English and flawless French was also very helpful to the team." –Claire Little, CEO, Mondoforte, Haymarket, VA

    "Astrid has an entrepreneurial spirit and the skills to teach business owners on how to improve their way of thinking and help them see the business landscape in a different way. As business owners, we tend to stick with original views and processes. Astrid has a way of breaking down ideas in a way to show business owners how to think differently and/or with enhanced clarity in their mission. Her social entrepreneurial focus allows her to manage small and large projects alike. Whether it is in Africa or rural America, she can effect positive social and community changes through business development." –Bob Oveissi, Freeman & Sherburne Insurance, Gainesville, VA

    "I have had the profound pleasure of listening and learning from two of Astrid Ruiz Thierry’s workshops and seminars. I have been in business for the past 10 years, and I have to say that the information I received at these seminars has added value even after the workshop ends. While there is the occasional direct action suggested, the techniques that Astrid provides to look at issues that could arise in entrepreneurship extend well beyond and are invaluable after you leave these workshops. I highly recommend participating in or even organizing these workshops for those with the desire to move forward." –Tim Horn, Hypnoconsult, Manassas, VA

    "Astrid gave us an amazing lunch and learn presentation on social entrepreneurship and her experiences on the ground working with stakeholders at all levels. The participants overwhelmingly enjoyed and got value from the presentation. I particularly liked her approach to slides. The complemented the presentation with humor and engagement instead of being boring bullet points." –Juli Monroe, Director, Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia

    "Astrid is a truly inspirational person! Her training helps you analyze and work on your headspace to achieve and her vast knowledge of the nuts and bolts of building a business is invaluable!" –Sima Button, Owner SimaVisions, Gainesville, VA

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