• Harness your full potential

    Upboost empowers women to invest in themselves. We transform your unrealized potential so you can get the best from yourself and others. We boost the power of your mind and body so they can work together to improve the quality of your life and help you take full control of it.

  • What We Deliver

    Our workshops provide you with the tools for achieving personal empowerment and wellness.

    • Exercise and build the power of your mind and body together to maximize your potential for success.
    • Build your self-leadership and strengthen your self-efficacy to increase your power of choice.
    • Expand your knowledge and competence in a way that is personally meaningful and has immediate applications to your life.
    • Personal empowerment helps you elaborate and recreate what you can be, do and accomplish. 

  • Results

    • You will feel more capable and invigorated to tackle your dissatisfactions.
    • You will gain greater control over decisions and actions that affect your well-being and health.
    • You will increase your ability to tackle challenges and resolve problems that harm the quality of your life.
    • You will feel more empowered to influence your relationships.

  • Program 1

    This program focuses on personal empowerment.


    Modern life is hectic and stressful. Resilience is critically important to cope with whatever life throws at you and simply keep going. But without resolve, your ability to withstand hardship and recover quickly from them has little or no practical relevance.


    That is why Upboost has coined the concept of Resolviency: vital inner strengths development + clarity + intent + decision making = empowering course of action.


    Resolviency combines the keys to resilience with the strength of resolve as a formula that everyone can build on so that success and well-being add up to lasting, adaptable empowerment in a constantly changing world.


    The Resolviency program consists of three core areas, each one divided into five subject areas. Each subject area has a duration of 3 hours and consists of three 1-hour sessions focused on a specific topic related to personal empowerment. There are no prerequisites and all sessions are independent of each other, so that participants can begin with any topic and session.


    Strong Soft Skills
    Life and Work Principles
    Your Personal Value Proposition


    Managing Yourself
    Managing Others
    Developing Your Voice
    Grit and Flow
    Your Personal Brand


    Future Visioning
    Harnessing Your Strengths
    The Power of Micro resolutions
    Your Personal Dashboard

  • All sessions are held in groups of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 women.

  • Program 2:

    This program focuses on business empowerment.


    Empowering women in business – whether as a business owner, a board member, an executive, a manager, or an employee – is about success. But success is defined individually. It is about bridging the gap between existing potential and the realization of that potential.


    Empowering for success focuses on the unique capabilities that women bring to business and entails taking control of one’s life, making decisions without second guessing oneself and claiming one’s rights. Achieving success requires building resilience, resolve, and satisfaction with life by being aware of one’s natural talents, strengthening one’s performance skills and improving one’s competence.


    The GO! program makes you stronger and more confident so you can achieve Success on your own terms. It helps you build your personal growth formula for achieving better performance by working on how to maximize your potential to make the choices that are best for your personal and professional life.


    The program provides three different types of learning modules:


    1) 30-minute learning pills - focused on key topics for achieving success.

    2) 2/3-hour workshops on specific performance-related topics.

    3) half-day workshops focused on proactive leadership skills in a specific practice area.

    30-Minute Learning Pills

    • Focus for Success
    • Personal Empowerment
    • 6 Thinking Hats and 6 Walking Shoes
    • Thinking Outside the Box
    • Your Leadership Energy
    • Communicating with Impact
    • Reinvention and Rejuvenation
    • Empowering Relationships

    GO! Realize Your Full Business Potential

    • Play to Your Strengths
    • Getting Ahead in Business and Life
    • Strategy and Risk
    • Motivation vs. Inspiration
    • Sponsorship and Mentoring
    • Productive and Profitable Networking

    Proactive Leadership

    • Public policy practice: policy making, decision-making, accountability.
    • Corporate World: glass ceilings and walls, corporate presence, performing for success.
    • Non-profit organization: non-profit positioning, competition and impact; organizational structure and delivery models; managing mandates and growth.
  • All sessions are held in groups of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 women.

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