Rural Development in Africa

  • UpBoost has over 15 years of field experience in West Africa. Through Afrikalabelle, our Africa Division, we focus on advancing inclusive rural development through agriculture-based entrepreneurship. We provide solutions that empower rural communities and are attractive to investors seeking to participate in today’s solution economy. By aligning investment with value and minimizing risk, we ensure success through a virtuous economic development cycle that ensures all stakeholders win.

    We have partner offices in Senegal, Niger, Benin, and Nigeria, and an extensive network of collaborating experts throughout the region. We work simultaneously on three levels: with strategists and policy and decision makers to plan and formulate policies for inclusive and sustainable economic development; with foreign aid agencies and NGOs to identify, design, implement, and evaluate socio-economic development projects focused on agriculture and agrilogistics; with local authorities, communities, women’s and youth organizations, and farmer groups to remove barriers to self-realization and create ladders to opportunity for growth.

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