• Upboost helps start-ups and established micro and very small businesses with less than 50 employees boost their business and market potential. We specialize in women-owned, minority-owned and veteran-owned businesses who have a can-do attitude, the audacity to dream big and the creativity to dare realize their dream.

  • Business Empowerment

    We deliver no-nonsense, practical workshops and seminars that range from 45-minute Learning Pills to 1-day intensives to our signature GO! Business Development Series of 6 2-hour workshops.

  • What We Deliver

    Our workshops help entrepreneurs and business owners identify what holds them back from realizing their full potential. We provide talent, leadership and entrepreneurship development solutions that enhance individual and business performance, generate differential value and increase the potential for bigger revenue generation.

  • Our Programs

    Our programs maximize your potential to make the choices that are best for you and your business.

    30-Minute Learning Pills

    • Focus for Success
    • Personal Empowerment
    • 6 Thinking Hats and 6 Walking Shoes
    • Thinking Outside the Box
    • Your Leadership Energy
    • Communicating with Impact
    • Reinvention and Rejuvenation
    • Empowering Relationships

    GO! Realize Your Full Business


    • Play to Your Strengths
    • Getting Ahead in Business and Life
    • Strategy and Risk
    • Motivation vs. Inspiration
    • Sponsorship and Mentoring
    • Productive and Profitable Networking

    Social Enterprise

    • The Social Enterprise Business Model
    • Developing a Concept Statement and a Story
    • From Start-Up Idea to Deliverable Solution
    • Scaling Impact vs. Scaling Size
    • Partnerships and Support Systems
    • Attracting Investment
  • Opportunities in West Africa

    A good business model for doing business well in Africa.


    Upboost helps U.S. microenterprises export their know-how, processes and technologies to West Africa. We have over 15 years of field experience in the region and have operational capabilities throughout the region through our local country teams.

  • What We Deliver

    We establish business consortia of between 5-8 microenterprises linked by commonalities and complementarities that enhance and reinforce each other’s business and market development strategies.

    • Investment is pooled and aligned with value.
    • Risk is minimized through inclusive partnerships.
    • Operational integration leads to an overall competitive advantage.
    • Financial health and market competitiveness are sustained through mutually-enhancing performance.
    • A systems integration approach to supply and value chain development ensures investment and business development are socially and environmentally responsive.
    • ROI is scaled through iteration and geographical expansion.
    • A virtuous economic development cycle ensures positive impact.

    Our consortia are expected to start generating revenues in 2-3 years and profits are incremental as the
    consortium evolves and attracts mainstream investors looking for niche markets.

  • Our Consortium in Senegal

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together - African proverb

    Afrikalabelle has created a consortium of 5 micro U.S. businesses, three of them veteran-owned, to promote sustainable and inclusive growth in Senegal through impact investments. The goal is to establish a network of business hubs connected by an integrated supply and value chain.​​

    For more information email: astrid@upboostllc.com

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