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    UpBoost is part of the solution economy. We harness the power of women and youth micro-entrepreneurs to drive socio-economic development and economic self-sufficiency in West Africa, particularly in rural areas.

  • Our Development Approach

    UpBoost takes a holistic, inclusive, participative, and collaborative approach to economic development. This ensures that projects balance risk and return in a way that can align investor interests with enterprise and community needs, aspirations and goals to maximize benefit for all.


    We identify local challenges to wealth creation and then look for transformative, home-grown entrepreneurial solutions that can translate unrealized human and economic potential into constructive choices for action through entrepreneurial ventures.


    Our focus is on bottom-up, bankable solutions that can deliver triple-bottom line products and services that fit the patterns of how people live. It’s not about traditional design of products/services, business models or generating a competitive advantage. It’s about building on, not over, local indigenous knowledge. It’s about using bottom-up innovation to incubate low-cost innovations that can later migrate up-market.


    We specifically focus on identifying projects that:

    • Respond to unmet or neglected needs in a community
    • Can have a return that is appropriate and achievable and has shared social benefit
    • Will uphold effective community leadership models already in place
    • Will engage intentional intersectionality between economic sectors
    • Will highlight the good and then encourage the best the community can be

    Contact us to learn more about our project identification and development process.

  • Our Development Services

    We identify, design and implement socio-economic development projects driven by micro-entrepreneurship. Our services include:

    • Literature reviews and Policy Analysis
    • Baseline, Situational, Resource, and Stakeholder Analyses
    • Market surveys, research and analysis
    • Due diligence and partnership-building
    • Economic Development project design and implementation
    • Upskilling and capacity building for self-employment and entrepreneurship
    • Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the private sector and government rural development programs

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