• Invest with intent

    Upboost helps established micro, small and medium-sized businesses invest in West Africa with a positive social and environmental impact.

  • Explore diverse, viable, risk-reduced opportunities

    Upboost helps businesses and investors advance appropriate solutions that yield financial gain and boost business and market potential and at the same stimulate Africa’s entrepreneurial growth, develop local supply chains, create employment and generate tax revenues.


    Unleash the power of financial and human capital to support Business for Good

    Upboost develops and implements private sector-driven investment projects focused on non-extractive sectors. We promote impact investments in manufacturing, agriculture and food processing, commercialization, physical and market infrastructure, transport and logistics, health and wellness, and data capture, collection, and communication.


    Make sound strategic investments

    We translate impact investing from a compelling concept into sound strategies for responsible investment and sustainable business development. Upboost ensures your investment dollars align your business solution with a return on investment (ROI) in a way that is scalable and responds to African needs, preferences, and demands.

  • Opportunities In West Africa

    A good business model for doing business well in Africa


    Upboost helps micro, small and medium-sized businesses export their know-how, processes and technologies to West Africa. We have over 20 years of business and field experience, operational capabilities and local country teams throughout the region.

  • What We Deliver

    Upboost Africa is headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, with satellite teams in Benin, Ivory Coast, Niger and Nigeria. We have extensive experience throughout West Africa:

    • in-depth and context-specific knowledge of the economic, market, political and cultural issues that can impact success or failure for companies looking to invest or expand in West African markets. 
    • a local professional, multilingual team of managers in Senegal.
    • a regional team of technical and support personnel.
    • a well-developed regional network of contacts, experts and consultants in the business and government sectors at national, regional, and local levels.

    For companies looking to explore opportunities in West Africa, we provide cost-effective ways to explore market potential and viability for specific products and services in one or more countries: product viability assessment, initial market scoping, in-depth market assessment, market engagement, market-entry, and development strategy.


    For companies already present in West Africa and looking to expand their market presence or reach, we provide support to enhance and reinforce business and market development strategies.

  • The Upboost Approach

    Our approach to impact investing ensures financial health and market competitiveness are established and sustained:

    • Investment is pooled and aligned with value.
    • Risk is minimized through collaborative partnerships.
    • Operational integration leads to an overall competitive advantage.
    • A systems integration approach to supply and value chain development ensures investments and business development are socially and environmentally responsive.
    • ROI is scaled through iteration and geographical expansion.
    • A virtuous economic development cycle ensures positive impact.
    • Business performance and evolution attracts additional investment.

  • Our Lead Project In Senegal

    ONIVA is an impact investment project that aims to establish a car factory in Senegal. It is the result of a consortium 3 small businesses (2 in the U.S. and one in Uruguay) who have joined capabilities to bring socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly car manufacturing to Africa.


    ONIVA has designed and will produce a high-quality, low-cost, Made-in-Senegal vehicle built specifically for the African inter-urban transport and light utility vehicle market. The innovative approach to vehicle manufacturing allows local production of tough and dependable vehicles at an affordable price, all while providing superior comfort and passenger safety.

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